Various terms and hands related to Pai Gow poker game

Pai Gow poker is a popular poker variant played by people residing at different cities of United Kingdom. The main intention of the game is to make a two poker hands from seven cards dealt to each player by the dealer. One hand should comprise of five cards and the other hand must have 2 cards.

Top hands in Pai Gow poker:

  • Five of a Kind: the highest hand in game that comprises of 4 similar cards and a poker card.
  • Straight flush: this hand consists of five cards that are in sequence and every card is from the same suite.
  • Royal flush: the hand must comprise cards like 10, jack, queen, king and an ace card and all these 5 cards must be from the same suite.
  • Full house: in this kind of hand, three cards are of same denominations and other 2 cards can be of different denominations.
  • Two pairs: two sets that comprises of two cards must be similar and other 5th card can be different.
  • One pair: Hand should comprise of a pair of similar cards and other 3 unmatched cards.
  • No Pair: All 5 cards of the hand are unmatched and they are from different suite.

Common terms of the game:

  • Banker: A players who is even termed as banker will book table and allots place for players.
  • Copy: cards those are similar at both dealer end and player end. The cards can be either used in forming upper hand or lower hand.
  • High hand: a top poker hand with 5 cards.
  • Low hand: a hand with 2 similar cards.
  • Joker: a card that can be additionally used along with the flush, royal flush and straight flush to win the game.
  • Set: it is an act that separates both upper hand and lower hand.
  • Push: this term is called whenever a tie or clash of cards occurs between the dealer and player.

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