Rules To Be Followed While Playing Blackjack Game

Every casino game has a predefined set of rules that every player must follow and rules are mainly created to keep everything under control and avoid gambling. There are few rules that must be followed by every black jack player.

Basically , while playing the blackjack game, players main intention will be to beat the dealer’s score without exceeding 21 as the maximum score put either by the dealer or player will be 21. The player with score behind this number will burst out of the game and he loses the entire bet amount to the dealer.

Blackjack game is usually played with 5 – 7 players and players are allowed to sit on a semi-circular table and dealer will be standing at the centre of the table to deal the cards for all players on the table.

The player sitting at left side of the dealer has to initiate the game in every round and it continues with other players on the table.

Dealer of the game will be representing the house and players will play against the dealer, so in this game, player combat with dealer not with other players on the table.

Ace is a top and vital card while playing blackjack game, as it holds the value either one or eleven based on your dealt cards.

All the face cards such as king, queen and jack will be counted as value ‘10’ and rest all other cards are counted according to their face values.

The game gets started with every player placing their bets as chips within their betting circles that are present on the blackjack table. Only the chips that are placed inside circles are taken as bet while playing blackjack. Players on the table cannot touch or alter the bet amount once the game gets started after the extreme left person to dealer initiates the game.

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